Statement on the Putin’s Russia war against Ukraine

On February 24. The Russian army, rushed by a psychopathic dictator, began the full-scale war against the independent and democratic republic of Ukraine.

Many developers of this game are Ukrainians. Some of them are in immediate danger, some of them are safe, but have relatives in the war zone. We had to put our development on hold some time ago due to financial problems, but we planned to return to this game as soon as our problems were figured out. It is extremely difficult to make any plans now.

We wish strength to the people of Ukraine. We wish them to live, to protect themselves and their loved ones. And for those who fight, we wish to impose well-deserved death, fear and devastation among the invaders.

We call on all citizens of Russia and Belarus. It is not enough to say “No War”. It is time for radical acts of disobedience. It is time for a rebellion. It is time for a revolution. It is time for tyrannicide. The only decent thing you can do is to bring the war back to the homes of those who started it. You got the “Kill The Police” badge in our game? Imagine how cool will it be to get one in real life.

If you are from another country, you can support Ukrainian Army or humanitarian NGOs. And one more important thing: you can put pressure on your governments to help Ukraine not just by imposing sanctions and sending weapons, but also by protecting our sky against Russian planes and rockets. Our soldiers will do the rest.

Our game has always been political, even if it has not been articulated explicitly. It’s a game about how the same character can end up on different sides of a conflict, a game about how the difference between enemies can be very subtle, and the difference between allies can be huge.

But now everything is very simple. There is no difficult choice between two evils. Putin’s Russia and its enablers are evils far worse than all unnamed Lovecraftian horrors put together. Because the abomination from Kremlin is real, and it has been poisoning our world by lies and death for years, it wants to destroy everything we love.
It is finally time to put a stake through its rotten chest.

Слава Україні!

October Night Games

October Night Games is a digital tabletop game for 1–6 players about witches, vampires, dark magic, unspeakable cults, dogs and cats. The game has a unique gameplay, vintage silent movie aesthetics and hand-drawn graphics. 

In October Night Games, two groups of cultists confront each other: the Changers want the Outer Gods to amend our realm, while the Keepers are trying to preserve status quo. Every time the world stands at the crossroads, it is up to them to decide its fate.

The most known of those choices are done in the night when Halloween coincides with the full moon. But there are other important dates, like Walpurgis Night. Cultists accompanied by their animal familiars meet in a small town and prepare for the final ritual. However, the team affiliation of the players will be unknown until the final showdown. 

The game is inspired by various literary sources, in particular by Roger Zelazny, H. P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Abraham Merritt, Robert Bloch, and Gustav Meyrink. The game’s rituals reference both real-life and fictional occult schools. All main characters are created with direct or indirect references to classic horror literature or movies of the early 20th century. The most important visual inspiration for the game were movies by Georges Méliès and German expressionism, especially Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu.


  • Literary inspirations: Roger Zelazny, H.P. Lovecraft, Abraham Merrit, Bram Stoker, Robert Bloch, and many others influenced our game’s procedurally generated narrative.
  • Dastardly characters: Pick your own character, ranging from a mad monk to vampires, witches and more. Each packs unique abilities such as astral projection and the ability to drain life.
  • Eldritch pets: Select your familiar, such as a loyal dog, a gossiping bat or a sneaky cat.
  • Social deduction: Work out who is friend or foe. Each side will have its one wand Holder, Book Master and Lamp Bearer.
  • Multiple locations: Travel the town, graveyard and hollow, looking for cursed ingredients for your alchemy and rituals.
  • Summon horrors: Call on Cthulhu and beings even more inscrutable with your rituals.
  • Make magic: Experiment with transmutation and craft essences using a challenging but accessible alchemy mechanic.
  • Cursed combat: Fight off ghouls and angry townsfolk using a unique dice combat system, and perhaps even capture a minion or potential sacrifice.
  • Stay alive: Keep your health, sanity and reputation intact – or there will be terrible consequences.
  • Solo and multiplayer: Mix of competitive and cooperative play, hex your enemies and aid those you believe to be on your side.
  • Atmospheric: Enjoy vintage hand-tinted silent movie aesthetics and an old school horror style soundtrack.
  • Multiple replays: the combination of characters, familiars and allegiances is randomly generated with each game, along with the procedurally generated story.


Development Team
Alexander Wolodarskij:  Concept, Game Designer, Programmer
Angie Siveria:  Artist
Sasha Protasenya: Managing Designer
Oskar Schuster: Composer
Daria Izvekova: Narrative Designer
Michael Gribkov: UI/UX Designer
Tanya Kucherenko: Project Manager
Anastasia Obydennova: Environmental Artist
Almut Schwacke: Sound Designer

Special thanks
Maryna Voitsekhovska:  Proofreading, Testing
Maya Sinitsa: Proofreading
Margarita Rogova: SMM
Evgeniy Lukyanchuk: Occult Advice
… and many others!

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