October Night Games

October Night Games is a digital tabletop game for 1–6 players about witches, vampires, dark magic, unspeakable cults, dogs and cats. The game has a procedurally generated narrative and vintage hand-tinted silent movie aesthetics.

In October Night Games, two groups of cultists confront each other: the Changers are summoning the Great Old Ones, while the Keepers are trying to stop them. All cultists meet in a small village and prepare for the final ritual that takes place on Halloween’s full moon. However, the real team affiliation of the players will be unknown until the final showdown. Each cultist has an animal familiar; their combinations may differ from game to game, creating unpredictable alliances. This guarantees high replayability in single and multiplayer modes.

The game is inspired by various literary sources, in particular by Roger Zelazny, H. P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Abraham Merritt, Robert Bloch, and Gustav Meyrink. The game’s rituals reference both real-life and fictional occult schools. All main characters are created with direct or indirect references to classic horror literature or movies of the early 20th century. The most important visual inspiration for the game were movies by Georges Méliès and German expressionism.

Halloween Never Ends


You have thirty nights to prepare for the Grand Finale. Every day you can visit one of three locations: the city, the cemetery, and the hollow. There you will look for ingredients, which, upon returning home, can be used for Lesser Rituals. In each location, there is a chance to meet an enemy, and such a meeting will end in battle. Killing your opponent will allow you to collect the remaining ingredients undisturbed, but if you break their will, they will become your minion (and a possible sacrifice material).

Throughout the game, you will have to perform Lesser Rituals by combining various ingredients on the board. A successful ritual will summon one of the Great Old Ones or Outer Gods, who will provide you with some knowledge, a valuable artefact, or a Dice of Fate, which can be used during the Final Ritual on Halloween.

Main Features

  • Unpredictable alignment of forces and unique narrative for every gameplay session. Each playthrough will provide tension, unexpected twists, intrigue, and suspicion.
  • Our players can utilize different tactical and strategic approaches. A complex gameplay system offers various abilities, magic mechanics, and crafting. 
  • The battle system combines careful planning with random elements.
  • The atmosphere of classic old school retro-horror. 
  • October Night Games can be played solo or with up to 5 friends.


Development Team
Alexander Wolodarskij:  Concept, Game Designer, Programmer
Angie Siveria:  Artist
Sasha Protasenya: Managing Designer
Oskar Schuster: Composer
Daria Izvekova, Narrative Designer
Michael Gribkov, UI/UX Designer
Tanya Kucherenko, Project Manager

Special thanks
Maryna Voitsekhovska:  Proofreading, Testing
Maya Sinitsa: Proofreading
Evgeniy Lukyanchuk: Occult Advice
… and many others!

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